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Revive Paint Sprayer Repair is a representative of ONFLOOR

            Onfloor brings innovation and simplicity to the process of preparing, resurfacing and maintaining floors. Onfloor is the leading manufacturer of multi-surface passive planetary floor restoration machines.

            Onfloor machines are proficient at preparing, polishing and/or resurfacing; Concrete, Wood, Decks, Stone and Steel. The design and tooling options allow the user to diversify the offering in their respective markets to maximize the capital investment.

            All of the Onfloor models include Onfloor’s patented triple belt drive system that produces more grinding torque with less electric power. The Onfloor products are all engineered from the operator’s perspective with value driven simplicity to maximize results for specific applications. Onfloor’s Quick Change tooling system provides quick access to over 30 different tool options for various flooring applications. This unique system is touted as the fastest tool change in the industry.

            The Onfloor planetary system incorporates three satellite spindles that are connected to the free-spinning inner bowl. Each of these spindles are independently connected to the motor with a gear belt. The motor turns the spindle that holds the tools in one direction and the friction created by the tool spins the inner bowl in the opposite direction. There are many benefits to the passive action of the inner bowl system.

             Give us a call today at 860-986-8108 to see a demonstration of the amazing products onfloor has to offer! To check out more onfloor products click here.

Onfloor machines are great for:

  • Concrete grinding

  • Concrete polishing

  • Coatings removal

  • Mastic & glue removal

  • Wood floors & decks

A variety of different sized machines, tools, accessories and dust collectors are available! Call 860-986-8108 today!
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